Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Obama's HUD against rent control?

I was last blogging HUD regularly about four years ago. Coming back to the agency Web site in 2011, I get a Rip Van Winkle feeling some of the time. Other times, I'm astonished how much has stayed the same. For example, we still have the "Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse", which was created by the Bush Administration on the ideological premise that official rules mainly get in the way of affordable housing -- rather than staking out space for it, as they sometimes also do.

Which leads me to wonder, is HUD officially opposed to rent control, as suggested by this part of the site, which reports every defeat of rent control tenant protections as a triumph? These are older items dating from the Bush era, so maybe somebody just didn't want to bother taking them down. Still, kinda weird to see them still there.

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