Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Korematsu Day

Laurie and I left the law office early on Monday for the Korematsu Day celebration at Hastings College of the Law. We're both graduates of Hastings, five years apart. Neither of us has seen much reason since to go back there for official events. But Korematsu Day was not the usual Hastings official event.

Later I'll post or link to an article Laurie is writing about Monday's speeches. In the meantime, the preamble to Rep. Warren Furutani's AB 1775 has a good explanation of Fred Korematsu's story, and of the historical resonances sounded by the enactment of an official day in his honor, in California of all the once-unlikely places.

Yes, this is about housing, among many other subjects. In 1942, Fred Korematsu chose not to be forcibly housed in a stable at the Tanforan racetrack detention site. Against official insistence that he was by definition a foreigner, he insisted he was at home in Oakland and San Leandro, and he stayed there as long as he could. That was his offense.

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