Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strange de Joel vs. SF Chron home design

So the Strange De Joel person across the breakfast table here sensibly wanted to know, why, in February, does the online subscription edition of the San Francisco Chronicle publish a special section on "Fall Home Design"? It's obviously completely non-urgent -- probably written when it was fall -- and full of efforts to borrow urgency for subjects that could only interest people who are deeply bored or (maybe the same thing) avoiding some other subject with special energy. E.g. the "tips for stunning bedrooms." Says J, "Well, you sneak up on one with a baseball bat and you whack it all about the linens."

This is not purely a parochial or jokey item, by the way: it's a case study of the inanity that develops when newspapers look for advertising dollars only at the very top of the economic scale. I suspect it happens in many other towns besides ours.

[To be fair, this was probably a glitch. There's a "Spring Home Design" magazine section cover farther on in the electronic pages available today -- but the "proper" cover is still into the bedroom-stunning thing. And the point holds about pointless luxury journalism.]

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