Friday, February 4, 2011

Underwater which way?

So of course global warming has been in long-range real estate thinking for a while, as with the guy who bought Churchill, Manitoba for about $7 a few years back, and predictions in The Atlantic in 2007 that "...Arizona and Nevada, blazing growth markets today, might become unbearably hot and see their real-estate markets crash..."

But now this stuff is getting real. Curbed explored this week what happens when grand shoreline housing meets global warming in a tour of luxury listings that may or may not last.

Meanwhile, developers hoping to make the most of San Francisco's own manmade and low-lying Treasure Island are planning to build up 100 acres of the island in preparation for a one-yard sea level rise.

The water table under our own building in San Francisco isn't all that far down, and although we're half a mile from the nearest open inlet, neighborhood lore puts us close to the pre-Gold Rush waterfront. Al Gore calling, and we live by the dock of the Bay, watching the tide roll in...

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