Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who counts as a family?

You want a sample of blind class prejudice, try today's C.W. Nevius column in the SF Chronicle (which I'm not going to encourage with a link).

In general, the man gets up my nose. Among much else, he dislikes the Coalition on Homelessness citation defense program, in which I volunteer, so fiercely that last weekend he very prematurely reported its demise.

Anyhow, today's cash-blinded statement comes at the end of a complaint that individual homeowners who seek to expand their houses are at the mercy of neighbors who object through the city planning department's discretionary review process:
"...But the next time someone asks why families don’t stay in the city, one reason can be summed up in two words: discretionary review."
I guess a family isn't worth his sympathy unless it not only owns a house but can afford to add a deck or extra bedroom.

I'd say families don't stay in the city because the city's power structure, including its leading newspaper, has no use for families who can't spend half a million dollars on a house.

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