Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Federal Register: Consistency, nexus, and an FHA debenture call

Sorry I fell off the planet there -- been a little busy. Federal Register has been busy too:

- FHA debenture call, they want back everything with a coupon rate over 4.5 percent.

- The Federal Housing Finance Agency issued a final rule on debtors' rights in debt collection. Has to do with when the agency itself collects debts, not when private lenders do so. (Pity.)

- Comments are due by April 28, 2011 on the design of a proposed "Homelessness Prevention Study." Not clear how you find out what there is to comment on, however, except maybe by emailing the contact person listed in the notice.

- There's Paperwork Reduction Act paperwork on a proposed "information collection" (form to fill out) with the darnedest name:
Certification of Consistency and Nexus Between Activities Proposed by the Applicant With Livability Principles Advanced in Preferred Sustainability Status Communities
Again, don't know how you're supposed to get a copy of the form. The old link is dead for HUD's "ICB Tracking System," which keeps track of proposed forms, and this one isn't working today. Don't know if that means they've slapped a password on it or if the system just happens to be down this morning. Try it yourself if you like.

It's finally sunny in recently damp San Francisco. Wishing you consistency and nexus on this very fine morning.

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