Sunday, March 20, 2011

A good new term: "Arrival City."

A book review in today's SF Chron sets out original ideas from the new book, Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History is Reshaping our World, by Doug Saunders.

Reviewer Chesa Boudin writes: "Rather than viewing the neighborhoods where immigrant communities form as 'immigrant ghettos' or 'ethnic enclaves,' Saunders would have us examine them as 'arrival cities'." She says Saunders harps on this point a bit repetitively, but he gets somewhere helpful in his globetrotting survey of failing farms and shantytowns and suburbs, with an argument that ours "will be the world's final century of urbanization, no matter how it plays out," and by pointing out (his words, not hers) that "Our debates about immigration are too often concerned with questions of what should happen, what ought to be allowed; we devote far too little to planning for what will occur."

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