Saturday, March 12, 2011

Report of relief program's death exaggerated

So on Thursday and Friday, as part of the Republican attack on federal debt relief, the House passed its versions of HR 830 and HR 836 in largely symbolic gestures. Yesterday Firedoglake's David Dayen called the first of the two votes, against the FHA Refinance Program, "spitting into the wind." Following the second vote, against the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program, the final sentence of Politico's report yesterday read, "The measure is unlikely to gain traction in the Senate and President Barack Obama has threatened to veto it if it arrives at his desk."

So tell me why the headline on that same Politico article from yesterday trumpets, "House Republicans kill $1 billion HUD program" and its lead describes them as "taking down" mortgage relief? Maybe something to do with this press release, in which the office of Rep. Tom Price, R-GA serves up an unstable mix of past and conditional tenses, under the heading "House Republicans Act to End Costly, Ineffective Housing Programs."

House Republicans did no such thing. They merely put on a spot of extremist political drama, secure in the knowledge that restraint by grownups in the Senate and White House would insulate their posturing from any awkwardly literal consequences. Retitle that story, "House Republicans Stage Costly, Ineffective Theatrics."

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