Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smart people explain what went wrong with replacing The Projects

The National Low-Income Housing Coalition has a conference going this week, and around mid-yesterday its Twitter feed was popping with talk, including real-time notes of a panel discussion, about what went wrong with the HOPE VI displacements of public housing neighbors and where to start fixing it. All people of goodwill arguing, so the argument was mainly about where to start -- but that's an argument, all right. Worth a read.

NLIHC Director Sheila Crowley, who always coins good phrases, as paraphrased: "We are arguing with ourselves because we are dealing with the crumbs. Too few dollars to do what needs to be done...If we had the loaf, what should we be doing?"


...and, oh dear, HUD on the campaign trail #4, in a speedy by Sec'y Donovan, who attended:
"..."We are winning the future by helping families find decent, safe and affordable housing across the country," said Donovan."

Honestly, I don't think you can win the future any more than you can successfully declare war on an abstract noun.

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