Thursday, March 3, 2011

UC student lives in a van, and he's angry

Toward the end of this SF Chronicle writeup of a student protest against education cuts, there's this:
"Some protesters described the event as too polite.

One was Jesse Sabin, 25, who said that he lives in a minivan to save money on rent. His tuition is covered by state and federal grants.

"A lot of people invest a lot of time in these days of action, but ... I would say we're jousting at windmills right now," said Sabin, who beat a stick on a plastic bucket during the picketing and the march. "We need to shut down schools in order to really save them." "

Contrary to 1960s pseudopsychology about "permissiveness," maybe middle-class comfort is what keeps student protesters moderate? Withdraw it and what happens then?

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