Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Chron's Kevin Fagan looks upstream

Kevin Fagan, San Francisco homelessness reporter, just wrote a news story (available here on Tuesday) telling the human side of a proposed Republican cut to housing vouchers for homeless veterans.

He's a good reporter. He used to be the SF Chronicle's go-to guy on homelessness until (I'm gonna guess) he developed too much of a conscience for the editors' taste and they brought in a small-minded ex-sportswriter to do their hating for them. I've had problems in the past with the way Fagan would sometimes pick people to interview who gave the impression of homelessness as a pathetic end-stage, not the necessity-imposed way of life that it is. But he's been giving that up lately, I think. He and photog partner Brant Ward have been finding people to interview who (contradicting the Chron editors' "Accept Services" mythology) show it's possible to stand up to what life hands you, take all the chances you get, and still be homeless, or anyway outside the straight-world economy.

And still he was pulling people out of the river, or anyway pointing them out for rescue. Now he's looking upstream to see who is pushing them in. Good change.

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