Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Explorer Scouts as armed housing guards

Two guys join the Explorer Scouts and, at ages 19 and 20, allegedly end up patrolling a mean housing complex in Richmond, CA.

In an article that alleges a whole handful of police-related scandals, the SF Chron seems to be most shocked that these guys say their scoutmaster-employer bought them handguns to work in his private security business before they reached age 21. (And, wot, they could have joined the Army and gone to patrol other countries' housing complexes at how old?)

I dunno. I think the scandal is, this was part of an Explorer Scout program that teaches and encourages kids to be guards while they're young enough to have hopes for creative futures:
Richmond's Explorer program is an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America. The young men and women, who are ages 14 to 20, are trained on police procedure, provide security at some city events and perform clerical duties.
Hi, kid. Your future is to arrest your neighbors or to watch for shirt-smugglers in a Ross shop or if you're lucky to work a front desk in an office building. No, that's not the life sentence you face if you screw up, that's the glowing future the Scouts will help you aspire to.


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