Friday, April 1, 2011

Property manager feels kinship with prison guards

Here's a funny/sad from blogger Steve Schmitt, who says he manages rental properties in Las Vegas. It's a post captioned "Why Tenants Love To Hate Management Companies." He starts with this:
"Unfortunately property management can be a thankless job, where tenants are hyper-sensitive to mistakes and often resent the enforcer aspect of the management company’s role...."
and then he shows us why someone might feel that way, anyway, about him:
"The single biggest reason for low reviews from tenants is that the management company acts as an enforcer to uphold the interests of the landlord. This tension lies behind about 75% of the negative reviews. Granted, the complaints tend to deal with surface issues, but this enforcement dynamic in the relationship is a root cause for bad blood between tenants and management companies. In this respect, property management has something in common with professions like police officer, tax collector, prison guard, prosecutor, repo man, etc., which all have significant enforcement roles and suffer from the same negative sentiment..."
Um, which makes tenants what -- delinquents, criminal defendants, deadbeats?

I can see it in a way. I've been out canvassing in some of those walled Las Vegas apartment complexes, and they do have kind of a minimum-security cellblock feel.

Anyway, thanks for keeping your prejudices on your sleeve, Steve.

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