Friday, April 8, 2011

A shutdown plan as a backwards map

GovExec posted the shutdown plans that the major federal agencies have announced in case the money really does run out. HUD's plan makes good reading as an indicator of what the agency truly finds essential (seems like a big proportion of interactions with private lenders and security/investigation stuff), and what kind of individual approaches worry them ("HUD employees who are not excepted or not in the office... Will place a pre-approved voice-mail message on their individual call in-box explaining their absence. The language will be provided by HUD's administrative offices. ...May not do any HUD-related work by home phone or computer; nor... use government property, such as a Blackberry to perform work; May not perform HUD-related work as a "volunteer"...") Similarly the "FHA FAQ" has promised to post shutdown answers here by tomorrow.

Watching an agency contemplate shutdown -- it's like taking a thing apart to see how it really works.

Maybe that's what the Republicans had in mind?

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