Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Foreclosure activism as "defense"

There was a small demonstration against foreclosures at yesterday's meeting of Wells Fargo shareholders in San Francisco. AP reports eight cited and released. AP carefully doesn't name "the group holding the demonstration" but the naming is the interesting part.

The demonstrators were using language about "defense" of their homes. This is new. It's most striking in the Bay Guardian's advance writeup, which in the headline calls the activists "homeowner defense groups." That's interesting. Some new framing language here about preservation, conservation, even conservatism, maybe a touch of backs against the wall.

One group involved is calling itself the "Home Defenders' League." (Apparently also U.S. Uncut had something to do with it.) The "Home Defenders League" site says it's a project of ACCE, the "Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment," which the Guardian article says is formerly ACORN.

Worth watching, this stuff.

(Cripe, btw, how the names change. Accenture, formerly known as Arthur Andersen; Xe, formerly known as Blackwater; ACCE, formerly known as ACORN...)

[Update: Clearer coverage of the protest here from Alternet.]

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