Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodbye, Park Hotel and possibly Moya

Oh dear. News this morning says the sirens we heard last night were a fire at the Park Hotel, on Folsom Street here in San Francisco. Worried about the tenants, and about a cat someone told a reporter was missing, and about the new Ethiopian restaurant on the ground floor, Moya, which was becoming a nice local choice for a quiet dinner out.

For some reason the Chron story calls the Park an "apartment building." The Bay City News wire story on the Chron's own site gets it right. The Park was a rez hotel.

Years ago I was up against that building's landlord as a lawyer. The Park isn't his only building. You can find his public record on landlord-tenant disputes by clicking here for a general county courts name search -- except, since for all I know there might be more than one person of the same name, be sure to look under "Parties" to find items where the landlord's name or the tenant's is connected with the 1040 Folsom St. address of the Park Hotel. A lot of cases there, and those may not be all, because the public online docket will not include any cases to which public access was restricted due to resolution in a tenant's favor within 60 days.

[Update: I stopped by there this afternoon. The top of the building looks pretty burned out. I asked a fireman about the restaurant and he said something I didn't understand that sounded encouraging, ending in "...but there's a lot of water damage." Then the phone he was holding livened up and he had to talk to someone on it.

Also, I took a look at the Dept. of Building Inspection permit and complaint tracking page for 1040 Folsom. It's worth looking -- a good way to get a sense of the Park Hotel and of San Francisco lower-tier rez hotels generally. Choosing "complaints" will produce summaries of the 82 complaints the city has handled on this building on dates from 1995 through yesterday.]

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