Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It happened at the Jefferson Hotel

Of course it happened at the Jefferson. There's an investigation into a duffel bag of property that plainclothes policemen allegedly took from an alleged drug dealer, a tenant of the Jefferson, in the course of a search incident to an arrest on charges that, per the Chronicle, have themselves been dismissed. Somehow unsurprisingly, the tenant says the duffel bag is still missing.

The Jefferson. I thought it had improved. In the 1990s I knew a man who died a lingering death from injuries sustained in a still-unexplained fall out an upper window there. Also, back then, I knew a woman who, by the time of her death, was having to live at the Jefferson because her alcoholic rages had gotten her thrown out of too many other buildings.

If you live in the Jefferson Hotel in San Francisco I guess you see another side of this supposedly modern, First World society in which stories like I've just told supposedly don't happen to people any more.

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