Friday, May 20, 2011

SF's 2011 homeless count figures, fwiw

Sorry I fell off the planet for a few days. Regular items to resume shortly.

Kevin Fagan has the story for the SF Chronicle about the January "point in time" count of homeless people. He says the official figures submitted to the feds showed a slight decrease in the overall homeless population though an increase in the number of singles. As amply discussed here before, the federal "point in time" count is always an undercount. He has the kindness to spend most of the article profiling real people anecdotally who represent or can vouch for the increase in newly homeless people living in their cars.

A pity that an early section falls under the subhead "still panhandling." A close look shows he's saying, accurately that many people who panhandle are housed and most people who are newly homeless don't panhandle.

Have to object btw to the silly phrase "have been unable to change their daytime habits." Panhandling isn't a "habit," it's a profession, frevvinsakes.

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