Friday, June 10, 2011

Lodging in public in Spain: "naïve ingenuity"

Nice bit of language in The Nation: "naïve ingenuity." It's in Andy Robinson's writeup on a nice bit of lodging in public in Madrid's Puerta del Sol:
"...legally savvy bloggers tweeted: “Puerta del sol is on the Cañada Real grazing paths; we have the right to sleep there. The fledgling protest movement was audaciously claiming protection under a thirteenth-century royal decree—still defended passionately by environmental groups—that protects the rights of shepherds to camp out with their flocks for three consecutive nights on the hundreds of ancient grazing routes that crisscross the country, even traversing major cities like Madrid...."
I like "naïve ingenuity". So, OK, honestly speaking, it's ingenious naivete, but either way, it's what Hitchens and Havel in their dissenting days called living "as if".

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