Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No shopping cart pushers need apply

I was just over at SIMS Metal on Pier 70 dropping off some wire hangers. They have a sign up saying they won't buy metal off of shopping carts and won't allow shopping carts on the property.

Have to wonder if this is their own idea or part of the campaign that I've heard the SF Police Dept. Southern Station "code enforcement" officer has been waging against small-time metal recyclers for some time. The story goes that several years ago she started pressuring the buyers to create barriers to homeless metal-sellers.

The assumption being, of course, that metal off a shopping cart is always stolen. Sometimes, OK, it's probably true, but "always" is a stretch.

It's this poverty-denial compulsion again. We can't admit to being a society in which ragpickers and small-scale junkmen have a place. Which means that, rather than have recyclers practice their ancient and useful profession, our city authorities would rather have them living on welfare, staring at the walls of SRO rooms all day, just so they're out of sight of the tourists.

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