Sunday, July 31, 2011

...and even at the start I hoped too much

Re: the previous item, on Friday I ran into a counselor I haven't seen in a while who works for a nonprofit contractor at one of the Care Not Cash subsidized buildings. He laughed at the idea that taking shelters out of the benefit program's definition of "housing" would have forced the city to provide more hotel rooms for homeless moneyless adults. His own agency has had staff cut, he said. There's no money for anything more.

Worse, he said current city govt. conventional wisdom is that "the homeless problem" -- a phrase he quickly corrected to his own more humane language -- has been "solved" and anyone left on the street is merely "cycling through" the available services. I'm pretty sure he knows this is bullshit, but he has to work in that system to do the substantial good he does do.

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