Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Now this loan would be secured by the..."

Just been watching the Monty Python Merchant Banker sketch:
"...Mr Ford: It's not a loan, sir.
City Gent: What?
Mr Ford: It's not a loan.
City Gent: Ah.
Mr Ford: You get one of these, sir. (he gives him a flag)
City Gent: It's a bit small for a share certificate isn't it? Look, I think I'd better run this over to our legal department. If you could possibly pop back on Friday.
Mr Ford: Well do you have to do that, couldn't you just give me the pound?
City Gent: Yes, but you see I don't know what it's for.
Mr Ford: It's for the orphans...
Brings to mind the basic problem with the low-income housing tax credit: the people who live best off it aren't the people it's allegedly in aid of.

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