Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Defeatism from ex-Sec'y Alphonso Jackson

This from the right-wing site NewsMax, in an interview with unindicted former HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson:
"Having been secretary of HUD, “I think that government can do very little,” Jackson says. “I truly believe, as did Ronald Reagan, that you should get out of the way and let the private sector handle what it should be handling.”"
Also, he seems to think it's a bad idea for community organizers to listen to the problems of "people who have had difficulty producing." Since I had to help give a cat an enema this morning, that phrase strikes me as funnier than it might otherwise. But I suppose he means to say a serious and unfair thing: that people who have been hurt in life don't deserve respect if they blame anyone but themselves. And then he adds a layer of racially inflected victim-blaming that makes the statement even more unfair.

That man is a living tragedy.

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