Friday, September 9, 2011

"Nobody seems to know..."

Heather Knight of the SF Chronicle says "Nobody seems to know why the areas at the heart of the city that attract the most tourists have seen such a spike in aggressive panhandlers this summer."

Here's my guess, if the allegation is true at all, which I doubt: the regular panhandlers have been trained to know their place. Due to economic hardship, new ones are learning the game, and the newbies aren't as good at cringing yet. Don't worry, Heather, they'll learn, more's the pity.

Also, I gather, nobody seems to understand why some elderly ladies in San Francisco might need to sell extra food in U.N. Plaza.

Possible answer, via H. Brown: "They need the money to pay their rent."

And nobody seems to know why police beat a homeless man to death in Fullerton.

Nobody seems to know either why transit police shot a homeless man to death on the San Francisco BART platform.

What I don't get is why the core of the indignation, this indignation that has been fueling weekly protests at BART since the shooting, has to do not with the dead man himself, but with BART's wireless access policy during protests about the death.

Oh, yeah, unemployment. That stuff. Well, you know, you just can't find good help any more.

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