Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't occupy Rob Hill, OK?

These last couple weeks, a few Google searchers have wandered through to the item on this blog about the only legal campground in San Francisco. It's on Rob Hill in the Presidio. So, look, if you're reading this and thinking of camping on Rob Hill as a protest move, just don't. A few reasons:

- Like I said in the last item, you're only allowed to stay five nights. By permit only.
- It's on an isolated hill in the middle of the Presidio, 5-1/2 miles on foot or 6-1/2 miles by car from the current OccupySF location at Justin Herman Plaza.
- Federal officials are involved.
- It's the Presidio. Skunks are involved.
- There's nothing to eat.
- OK, there's places to sit down, and bathrooms (if you have the keypad code), and it's nice, but it's a long way from either the press or the executive towers.

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