Friday, November 11, 2011

Some nice energy in the VA's PR

The VA has this ad on a bus shelter in San Francico's Sunset District:

Sorry if it's hard to read in the photo. Here's a copy of a similar flyer.

That slogan -- "You fought for our homes. We'll fight for yours." Wow. I'm not even gonna argue right now about elective wars and the meaning of "defense". Probably lots of veterans can do that way better than I can. The point is, the VA people are saying a debt is owed and that they will see it gets paid. In an energetic way that sounds a lot like a promise.

I wonder if language like that would have appeared on a government poster ten years ago. Things are shifting. It's good to see.

[Update: I'm behind the times. The Justice Department is doing a lot more than promising. Nice settlement announced yesterday with BofA.]

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