Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Civic Center Plaza, pre-occupied

I happened to be over at the courthouse last week, the morning they started evicting Occupy from the San Francisco waterfront. City workers, oh, just happened to be fencing off an area in the center of the plaza in front of City Hall, which, oh, just happens to be where a Civic Center encampment would have been likely to form up.

Happened to stop by the courthouse again today. I can't resist including this picture of Lincoln the Emancipator in front of City Hall. He looked so grand in his holiday gear.

And today it, oh, just happened they were putting on Project Homeless Connect in tents in the middle of that same core area of the plaza, with a nice big banner explaining to the public what the tents were (and, by implication, weren't) for.

OK, I'm not certain, but I think they usually do this monthly event entirely indoors, in the Bill Graham Auditorium, and today's event announcement in fact says "Bill Graham."


Also, there was a perhaps slightly increased police presence. Note cop car at curb at left of picture.

Also note cop car at foot of statue facing same plaza from across the street, as shown in photo below.

So, OK, I could be reading too much into this, but it seems just possible that someone in City Hall is playing chess with Occupy.

[I meant to add: Joel suggests the city may view homeless people as the "gateway nuisance" to protest encampments. That or it's the other way 'round...]

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