Thursday, December 15, 2011

Waste and the "peace dividend" at Fort Ord

There was going to be more housing at Ford Ord by now. Some development for re-use has happened since the 1994 base closure, but the place is still full of empty decaying buildings where people could be living. Also, sadly, this report suggests that when there has been redevelopment, some of it has happened at a fearful environmental cost.

The Monterey area Habitat for Humanity office seems to mention Fort Ord mainly in the context of a warehouse that they've been allowed for storage there. You'd think an organization that builds housing would be moving people into houses and apartments among all those unused buildings. Apparently not.

I think this might be the warehouse -- not sure:

We drove through the base at Thanksgiving on the way to Fort Ord Dunes State Park, which is a result of massive cleanup efforts at a former firing range by the ocean.

The park is, yes, gorgeous. But we passed so many broken windows in empty two-story barracks along the way. The picture below isn't as clear as it might be, but it's meant to show some of them. Depressing.

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