Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcoming Tom Joad home all over again.

Report here called Rural Reentry: Housing Options and Obstacles for Ex-Offenders. Easy to start by saying, oh, frevvinsakes, spare us the heaps of stupid buzz words for timeless facts, e.g. "SMI" for "Serious Mental Illness," and spare us the displays of mastery of the bleeding obvious such as this:
"For the recently released, it is clear that an ex-offender's ability to secure housing and the rates of homelessness and recidivism are intimately linked."
Except there's no point complaining really. The report is well-written and useful, full of timeless information and recent case studies. It says these things that unfortunately keep needing to be said. Whaddayawant, it should be said in literary English? Nah, nobody would base policy on it then...

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