Saturday, January 21, 2012

For the lexicon: "Self-Sufficiency Improvement"

They call it the "Affordable Housing and Self-Sufficiency Improvement Act of 2011" and, yes, it does mean less affordable housing and more of leaving people to shift for themselves. Which is, yes, where the "self-sufficiency" comes in. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has the grim details of this bill, which is headed for full Financial Services Committee markup some time in February:
"One of the bill's most problematic provisions (along with its minimum rent provision, discussed below) incorporates without modification the proposal circulated in October by Rep. Miller to sharply expand HUD's deregulatory initiative, the Moving-to-Work demonstration. As we've explained in recent analyses, a sharp MTW expansion would effectively convert the Section 8 voucher and public housing programs to block grants, risking deep funding cuts over time. In addition, MTW has resulted in fewer families receiving housing assistance per dollar of federal funding on average compared to non-MTW agencies and at some agencies has unnecessarily exposed low-income families to rent increases and other harmful policies. An open-ended MTW expansion would be so damaging that it would be better for Congress not to enact AHSSIA at all than to enact the bill with the current MTW provision."
Oh, and "Moving to Work" means several nasty things. Most immediately, rent increases. Possibly for half a million households. In Atlanta in the mid-oughts it meant evicting the unemployed. Coming soon, perhaps, to a neighborhood near you.

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