Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hell in North Las Vegas

The worst unfenced place to live I have ever seen is this encampment at North Las Vegas Boulevard and Owens.

That's the north end of The Strip, just over the municipal line into North Las Vegas. According to this methodically heartless article by the Las Vegas Review-Journal's Lynette Curtis, the boundary matters because North Las Vegas is too budget-crunched to pay cops to kick people out of the lot all that regularly.

Photos here are taken from a car driving north up North Las Vegas Boulevard, scanning from right to left as you face the west side of the lot from the street. (Click photos for larger images.)

There is just nothing nothing nothing on that lot. Nothing to put your back to, nothing to hide behind, nothing.

At least the lot does seem to be a recognized place to make donations. Would guess that's some kind of clothing being unloaded from the truck at right in the picture I've shown first. Also Burning Man folks did something nice there a couple weeks ago.

It is sadly no surprise to find that, in reader comments to the article quoted first above, the angriest, most eliminationist commenter claims to have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. His phrases include this gem: "...Since it's on private property they have no claim to their 'belongings'..." Lots of people lean toward that kind of selective-property-rights thinking, but few are dumb enough to spell it out in its full illogic.

Memo to self: do not ever be homeless in North Las Vegas. Not ever.

[P.S. later 1/1/12: Meant to say, per the article above, they call it the "Corridor Of Hope." I am not making this up.

Also, here's a perceptive if fairly conservative account from a man identified as "Dave" of what it's like to live there. Another here from Ms. Curtis of the Review-Journal.]

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