Wednesday, January 4, 2012

San Fran Public Space Peeve

There are these two monster sculptures on Market between Seventh and Eighth Streets. They are made out of irregular pieces of rusty rebar that you could trip over or cut your foot on. Almost worse, the city has half-addressed the rusty rebar problem by adding an outer circle of irregular rock chunks that you could also trip over if not as easily cut your foot on.

A kiosk placed elsewhere downtown says the "Dandelion" sculpture in U.N. Plaza (pictured) "has found its way through the cracks of the urban landscape and stretches up torward the sun standing as a symbol of strength, hope and endurance."

Translation: City arts officials feel such contempt for our neighborhood that they presume rusty rebar improves us and monumental platitutes uplift us. Thanks a lot, guys. Now, how about an arts grant for the fantastic jazz pianist who sets up next to your rebar thing on market days? Or is he not monumental enough?

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