Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pictures vs. words: photog has an eye and a heart

Brant Ward, serious photojournalist, takes photos to illustrate SF Chronicle column by C.W. Nevius, Chamber of Commerce booster. Column claims San Francisco is "coming out of doldrums" because Chamber of Commerce reports that answers to its own poll seem optimistic.

Photos, taken by photog on Market Street & not at Chamber of Commerce, hint otherwise.

Further, column grudgingly admits that Chamber of Commerce poll finds that more people who own telephones have noticed (visible) homelessness worsening.

Column then weirdly attempts to salvage its chosen theme of escape from "doldrums" by noting that same Chamber of Commerce poll reports fewer San Franciscans support ranked-choice voting. A result possibly following from disparagement of ranked-choice voting by same columnist and by Chamber of Commerce. Said anti-democratic result being one that only a voter aligned with the Chamber of Commerce would find cheering.

Columnist, and Chamber of Commerce, and possibly also Chron editorial board, exchange complacent smiles.

Solid research-based journalism, e.g. Larry Bush's new report on San Francisco lobbying money, flows around would-be gatekeepers at the Chronicle to reach the public. Some of the public, that is. Not enough of the public. Not yet.

That will change with time, won't it?

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