Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some good HUD stuff, OK

OK, we have this neighbor who keeps saying that away from the hot-button issues, the Obama Administration keeps on getting things right. Not sure I agree but credit where credit is due:

- New policy makes it tougher for local housing authorities to tear down projects. Further explanation over here -- the new notice is PIH Notice 2012-7.

- The Obama Admin's genuine willingness suddenly to pay attention to gay rights at HUD plays out further with a new nondiscrimination rule that covers not only programs like public housing but also FHA-insured mortgage eligibility.

- BofA pays up $1 billion over the Countrywide mess, not that more wasn't lost.

OK, now let's see a response to the publicly subsidized disability complex in Des Moines where management deals with complaints by announcing that "Gossip is the devil's radio."

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