Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brilliant hootch in the Potrero flats

This thing is great. Movable on wheels, with a window and door. It's basically an RV handmade out of shopping carts plus a tent, a tarp, miscellaneous stuff. Probably welding was involved or, if not, then crowbars and sturdy lashing-together with rope or plastic.

Didn't meet whoever made it -- just spotted it in the filled-in flatlands north of Potrero Hill and took a picture.

The last guy I knew who could do this kind of work was a Vietnam veteran. "Hootch," as used to mean housing, not liquor, is a Vietnam-flavored word. One week around 2005, he and his girlfriend got caught in a police crackdown on camping in Dogpatch. Their big rolling hootch, made out of parts of several shopping carts, a tent and some tarps, got rousted from a different location every few hours for several days. I don't think they slept. I can't remember what happened to the hootch but probably it was trashed.

This is why it's kind of insulting when architecture students design improvised shelters as though nobody who actually had to think about such things could do as well.

I'll post more about Dogpatch later. Just wanted to get this picture up for now.

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