Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dogpatch signs of the times

These are just a couple of signs from the new gentrifying face of Dogpatch on the San Francisco southeastern waterfront. The folks who posted this sign on the right may want to consider that "vagrancy" has not been a criminal offense for forty years. [*] Though if they catch any policemen napping in that extremely cozy-looking space under their stairwell I do hope they'll post pictures.

The sign on the left, also in Dogpatch, is especially depressing in light of its position over a disabled outside water tap. In the late '90s in Dogpatch, only a block or two from where I took this picture, your occasional charitable businessperson would leave a water tap functioning. I never asked, but it could even have had something to do with those ancient folkloric and religious notions of the kindness in offering a stranger a drink of water.

[*Clarification: Well, yes, there are criminal offenses such as trespassing that used to be counted under the umbrella "vagrancy" definition but they have to be alleged specifically. Poverty is no longer a crime. It's only a crime to do several of the things that very poor people inevitably do.]

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