Sunday, March 18, 2012

If you have graffiti are you a homeowner?

There's a camper in a doorway on Eighth Street who uses white plastic sheeting to cover a shape like an augmented shopping cart. As of this morning there's a red graffiti tag on the plastic sheeting. (Was the tagger too nervous to write on an actual building?)

So we're wondering, will San Francisco's fanatical anti-graffiti inspectors cite the camper for allowing graffiti to remain on his/her property, and if so does the camper count as a homeowner?

BTW in drafting this I learned there is an "anti-graffiti curriculum" in San Francisco middle schools. Alongside, presumably, the curriculum on Not Breaking Into My Car.

[Update: I posted a clarification here on April 4, 2012 on realizing that international readers might miss the sad irony in what I've written above. No, the camper doesn't count as a homeowner, or not under present California law that I know of, and more's the pity.]

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