Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spelling is not a safety requirement.

Took this picture last night. Yes, the Bay Bridge, the one that William Gibson (see previous) imagined could become a colony of makeshift dwellings if the traffic moved to a tunnel like BART's. A not very likely idea if you ask me but an evocative one.

Turns out we missed seeing the biggest ship ever to enter San Francisco Bay by about an hour. Oh well.

We took this next picture (below) on the same walk. These vaguely promotional panels are part of a series under the front arcade of the Ferry Building where they have the permanent foodie market hall and the Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday upmarket farmers' market. These panels kind of offend me, how they flatten some more and less important causes into vaguely cheerful equivalence. In case you can't make them out, that panel on the left of the photo says, "Kids Participating." The panel in the middle says, "Labor Rights." (The Ferry Building was once the scene of some fairly serious labor history.) The panel on the right says, "Mulch."

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