Friday, March 9, 2012

Watch yer parking meters.

Sad to see a proposed parking meter expansion in the recently gentrified Dogpatch and Potrero neighborhoods of San Francisco.

I guess it doesn't matter as much as it would have a dozen years ago. Relentless city code enforcement has already driven out most of the inhabited and oddball vehicles that used to provide half the character of those places.

Even so, new parking meters are a further advance against the remains of San Francisco live-and-let-live. They're a further fencing-in of the commons.

Here's a site showing the geography. Among other things, the proposed parking meter territory includes a lot of areas where people tend to park if they don't have a lot of money and work downtown and have to drive to work. Especially that whole south stretch of Seventh Street along the Caltrain tracks. The same area is overflow parking for people who have business, voluntary or otherwise, at the Hall of Justice.

Judging from the map, the parking meter plan might spare the clutch of modified Burning Man vehicles that are usually parked on the crown of Potrero Hill near the big city cistern. Hope so. For a while there was a fur-lined El Camino up there. Can't remember what the others are like but on some days a walk down that block gives you a good little jolt of San Francisco craziness. I'm sure the owners of those vehicles aren't made of money. If parking meter plans keep advancing, they'll keep driving that kind of creativity/eccentricity indoors or out of town.

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