Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coyotes are old neighbors in Golden Gate Park

Kathleen Gray is a nature-lover and sometime homeless-rights organizer who has spent a lot of quality time around the western end of Golden Gate Park. So she knows park managers are late with their recent decision to close some trails to dogs because of aggressive coyotes in the park. She writes:
"Park officials are sooooooooo not on top of it. That behavior has been going on for years in the spring; I used to see the coyotes all the time, since I was walking [my dog] every day in the park, usually for at least 2 hours and that was our end of the park. The coyotes only get aggressive in the spring, it really is a no brainer, you would think the park would be more prepared for it. They ought to talk to the homeless people who stay in the park; many of them know where the dens are each year. For the [Rec and Park Dept.], it has only been about making money for the last 3-4 years. They have been clearing out huge areas (over 25 trees, for example) on edges of Speedway, so events will have more room. Also, aggressively clearing the blackberries, which are a "safe" spot (from dogs) for coyotes and other wildlife."
Chron columnist C.W. Nevius says the coyotes have been around "at least since 2007." Kathleen says way longer than that: "Have been seeing (and hearing) the coyotes for at least 7-8 years, and the foxes have become either more scarce or just less visible since the coyotes became so present."

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