Saturday, April 14, 2012

For the lexicon: "Abandominiums"

In Anacostia, DC, people use "abandominiums" to mean vacant apartment and condo buildings, of which Anacostia is now full. Or rather, with which Anacostia is now sort of oversizedly potholed. Blogger John Muller says some of the buildings are occupied by squatters, some merely trashed, many  resented and worried about by neighbors.

Richard Layman at the Rooflines blog of Shelterforce has some bigger-picture thoughts on how to make these buildings work again. Including what he terms "case management" for building owners. A little paternalist, but handled properly, why not? A lot of small-scale rental property owners really could use more professional advice. And anyway, since case management is said to work for tenants, why not try it for landlords?

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