Sunday, April 29, 2012

A good word for Ron Sims

In discovering Twitter lately I've found @simsron, the Twitter site of recently former HUD deputy secretary, former County Executive of King County, WA, and sometime Senate candidate Ron Sims. His Twitter feed reflects the kind of wide-spectrum flexible liberal mind that it's easy to despair of hoping for in a high official. It's even sometimes fun to read, apart from thought- and conscience-provoking. Of course I don't know if a person that high up has staff to help write the actual items, but either he has one of these minds himself or he recognizes and hires them. Either way, good.

Among other things he recently issued his own defense of HUD against Mitt Romney, and it's better than Donovan's. Not what I wish they both had said, but at least attacking Romney's rhetoric as outdated and out of touch, instead of making excuses for HUD on Romney's own terms the way Donovan did.

I suppose if he was in my part of the West Coast I'd have local reasons enough piled up to be irritated at him, but from a California distance this Washington guy sounds pretty good.

Sims' Wikipedia entry, outdated but still interesting, reflects a varied political and professional career. Looks like he may return to politics at some point. Don't know if in Seattle or what. Would guess he'll be an Obama campaigner for the next several months but don't know enough to really know. In the meantime, just want to say, good brain here, we should get this brain back into the work of government.

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