Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Miracles don't happen on Eighth Street

The ochre-colored wall at the top of this picture belongs to the office of the San Francisco County Adult Assistance Program. CAAP will provide "housing", initially in the form of a shelter bed, to people who show sufficient proof of identity, residency and lack of money. Last I heard, CAAP would give people who do not find shelters beneficial or tolerable all of $59 per month in money. If that figure has gone up it hasn't by much.

No specific information about why, this morning, two people were sleeping around the corner from the welfare office in the brand-new bus shelter in front of the brand-new gate to the welfare office parking lot, on brand-new benches that were designed not to be slept on. (For "designed not to be slept on", thanks to Douglas Adams, in The Long Dark Tea-Time of The Soul. Good man.)

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