Saturday, April 21, 2012

The new Fort Ord National Monument

New National Monument as of yesterday at Fort Ord in Monterey. Gorgeous place. Also historic. Deserves it.

We went by there at Thanksgiving and I posted an item here about the state park on part of the dunes around what used to be a target range and a soldiers' club. It mentioned the oddly constricted efforts to put housing on some of the land. Fort Ord is in a very beautiful and expensive part of coastal California where lots of people need places to live.

The Fort Ord coastlands, though -- there's no more where those came from. The new status is great, maybe especially as an incentive to keep at the unfinished project of cleaning out dangerously corroding military dreck from of that land.

The Salinas Californian says management will be by BLM, not the Park Service, as sometimes happens. Makes sense. BLM is running a good bit of that property already.

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