Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OK, Obama's HUD is better on LGBTQ

Having paid more attention to HUD during the G.W. Bush administration, I'm still boggled to see the improvements in the Obama administration that really have happened. The big one, seen from a distance anyway, being gay rights.

For example, this past month, the actual secretary of HUD gave a whole speech on LGBTQ rights and homelessness. In which, among other things, he managed to note that
"... fully 40 percent of homeless youth are LGBT. Half of them report experiencing homelessness as a result of their gender identity or expression -- young people thrown out of their homes and communities, and often facing harassment and intimidation when they try to go to school...."
And he managed to note that shelters aren't necessarily welcoming to homeless young people either.

And he discussed the housing rights of same-sex households as real civil rights.

So, yeah, still no free pass for this current administration's -- what's the word -- Sheila Bair had it: incrementalism.

But credit where credit is due, OK?

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