Monday, April 2, 2012

Returning 888 Turk to public service, really

The SF Chron report on the Occupy SF action Sunday has demonstrators taking over 888 Turk St. but calls it a "two-story commercial structure, believed to be a former music building of nearby Sacred Heart Cathedral High School."

Oh, for pity's sake, if they're talking about 888 Turk, that's the former Westside Crisis psych building. It was familiar to generations of edge-skaters and their orbiting do-gooders as the go-to site for escape from a psychiatric tailspin. The Mental Health Board of San Francisco site still seems to think Westside operates at that site. In fact Westside has moved to a nicer building at 245 - 11th St.

The SF Bay Guardian has the Westside part right. The coverage at SFist looks pretty solid too.
[Update as of evening 4/2/12: The Guardian has more on the aftermath, which sounds hairy.... yes: arrests.]

I think the Chron should talk to folks in the service nonprofits more often. Copy editors at the city's main paper of record ought to know these bits of institutional history.

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