Thursday, April 12, 2012

University of San Francisco localization fail

The University of San Francisco, venerable serious Catholic institution, is rebranding itself with an ad campaign. Among the startling slogans now appearing on buses is: "Academic Standards Higher than Haight Ashbury in the 60s." (Lack of hyphen and apostrophe sic.)

Would guess it's one of these unfortunate effects of allowing young men at an ad agency in New York City to dream up ads that they want San Franciscans to think are local. Trouble is these localization efforts end up referring to stuff like the Summer of Love that isn't relevant to daily life in San Francisco, only to stuff visitors tend to want to see.

[Update: Nope, the campaign is locally produced -- see note below from USF representative.]

Anyway -- wha? You should spend your hard-earned dollars on a private college education to get your mind addled?


While we're on weird ads, glad to see that Nancy Friedman's blog Fritinancy noticed a recurring mindbender of a sign on the corner of the rug shop at Eighth and Folsom: "It's Your Home, Make It Your Rug." We have wondered about this sign on many occasions. Must say it does grab the attention a la Ruth's Chris Steak House.

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  1. Hi Martha,

    Hub Strategy, a mid-sized independent advertising agency in San Francisco’s Presidio, was selected as the creative voice for the campaign. Hub Strategy has been recognized with many awards for its cutting-edge ad campaigns for such clients as Levi’s, the Oakland Athletics, and Chevys Fresh Mex Restaurants.

    If you want to learn more about the campaign: