Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What it looks like

I had to go to traffic court this morning. Homeless guy was charged with "obstructing the sidewalk."

On the way back I saw this thing on our alley north of Folsom. Now, this is obstructing the sidewalk:

There's no way to blame homeless people for this one. As long as SF's finest are ticketing poor people for taking up space with their bodies, could we have perhaps a little police effort to find the obviously monied schmucks who inflicted a fricking double sectional sofa on the public and on the long-suffering business owner of the wall at left, who the city may unfairly blame for it?

[Update: When I got done posting this and went outside again, the sofa was already gone. Which still means somebody got unfairly stuck with the cost of removing it.]

I mean, since the bedbug epidemic hit San Francisco, whoever left this thing doesn't even have the excuse that putting furniture on the sidewalk is offering it up for informal recycling. So, OK, that's still arguable for a thing like a metal chair. But nobody is going to take strange overstuffed upholstery into their home without a provenance. Nobody. In at least one subsidized SRO down the street, they would stop this thing at the front desk.

No definite theories about who left the capped hypodermic needle on the cushion (that's the orange and white thing in the middle of the picture). On a Monday night, too. Some antisocial opportunist, ipso facto. But this is a club district, so it could have been any of several sorts of people. Maybe a local addict, homeless or not; maybe a bridge-and-tunnel hipster who thinks nobody worth respecting lives here.

Oh, and the below is a visual to go with the antiseptic phrase "court budget cuts." This is the line outside the San Francisco traffic court clerks' office this morning circa 9:36 a.m. The door to the clerks' room, which was filled with a further snaking segment of the line, is down there by the green light at the end of the hall.

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