Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Allegations of scum and villainy in Lucas Valley

George Lucas announces plan to sell to low-income housing developer after losing to neighbors on proposal to build movie studio. This is on his Grady Ranch property in Lucas Valley, up in rural Marin County. The idea is, the property might be good for a family or seniors' complex.

SF Chronicle online comments, as always trending right-wing, go wild in several directions: Nasty glee is common, and the suggestion that Lucas can't be serious, and spiteful proposals about who ought to be moved there from where else, and, underlying, the assumption that low-income tenants must be unwanted as neighbors. Some commenters call the location impractical. A depressingly scanty few (including a self-described neighbor) point out the bigotry in calling subsidized tenants bad people. Another few brave souls ask when and where the waiting list opens so they can sign up for a chance to live in rural Marin County.

And then, rising above mentions of "The Empire" and variations on "Mos Eisley Estates," we find a couple good movie-themed comments:

From "Kreed": "Can I sign-up for senior housing? I'd like about 750 sq. ft. and 1 droid, an astromech unit to perform household chores as I lose my strength and mobility. They can toss in a protocol droid to keep the other one company, but I don't really have any use for it."

From "mobileseventek": "George Lucas to neighbors: "I am altering the deal. *Pray* I don't alter it any further.""

Quietly, "Irina" adds: "There was a county home for the aged which many called the ' poor farm' in Lucas Valley circa 1950s." Turns out she's right. It was there a long time, 1880-1963.

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