Sunday, May 6, 2012

Also, scissors. Because you might run with them.

Mgmt. at the closed Cathedral Hill Hotel don't want another Occupy takeover like the one they had in January. Nor another mutually unpleasant confrontation like the one that removed the January group. Nor uninvited guests generally, political or otherwise.

Or so I'd presume from the really thorough job they did of discouraging entry to the property.

As readers likely know, the building is closed pending Cal Pacific Medical Center's intensely disputed plans to build a new hospital on the site.

As of late April, the place was not merely closed but really closed closed, as in surrounded on the formerly welcoming driveway side by big solid sheet-steel fences such as the one to which the pictured signs are not pasted but bolted.

These same signs are all over the walls and fences there. Not just the normal Prop. 65 "...may contain chemicals known to the State of California..." warning, but also big NO TRESPASSING signs warning of Asbestos, and Mold, and that "additional hazards include but are not limited to poor lighting, trip hazards, and sharp objects such as broken glass."

Cue scary music, cue scaredy ingenue's voice stammering, "D-don't go in there!"

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